General Information


It is important that contact details are always kept up to date. Please notify the school office immediately of any changes of address and contact telephone numbers.

School takes responsibility for pupils at 8:50am and classroom doors open at this time and there is a member of staff on duty. Morning registration is at 9:00am. Afternoon registration is 1:00pm. Pupils arriving after these times will need to come to the school office to be signed in and will be recorded as late. School finishes at 3:25pm and pupils can be collected from the classroom door or either gate. Staff are always present at the main gate at the end of the day.

School uniform is available from, and also TESCO:

Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan
Pale blue polo shirt
Dark grey/navy trousers/shorts/skirts/pinafore dresses
Black school shoes
Navy and white dresses for girls in summer

PE Kit:
Indoor Activities - pale blue T-shirt, black shorts/skirts, pumps/trainers.
Outdoor Activities - in addition to above, navy blue hoodie/sweatshirt top and joggers.

Please ensure all items of clothing are named.

If your child is absent from school, please telephone school 01484 663696, on the first day of absence, before 9:15 to give the reason. This phone call authorises the absence and you do not need to put it in writing. If you do not call, in order to comply with our Child Safeguarding Policy, we have to ring you.

All payments will be collected via the ParentPay System. You will receive an activation letter to activate your Honley Junior School account at the start of next term. You will also need this letter to add your child to an existing Honley Junior School account. Please do not worry if you see your child on both school accounts this will be temporary and eventually the one linking your child to their infant school will disappear. Please let school know if you require a PayPoint card (for meals only) to make payment at a local PayPoint. Trips, clubs etc can also be paid for at a PayPoint using a barcoded letter.

If you qualify for free school meals please make sure that you apply for them even if your child intends to bring sandwiches. School gets extra funding for each pupil qualifying for free school meals. For further information please telephone Kirklees Free School Meals Department on 01484 221928

Please telephone the school office to arrange.

You will receive details and an application form – please pay attention to the joining instructions as they will vary. If your child has a place in a club you will receive a confirmation text. If your child is a member of an after school club and is not attending on any particular week please make sure you inform the school office, for safeguarding reasons.

We will administer prescription medication required by your child during school hours. To do this we need you to complete our request for school to administer medication form. The form and medicine (which should clearly state the child's name and dosage instructions) should be delivered to the school office. For long term illnesses Health Care Plans need to be drawn up with parents or carers, school and medical practitioners.

We have a text messaging service to give out unexpected information or for other key messages such as school closures. Please keep your contact numbers up to date.

The newsletter will be sent by email, therefore, please ensure you put your email address on your child's admission forms. Please keep your email address up to date.

We only allow healthy snacks in school - fresh fruit, dried fruit or vegetable sticks.


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