School Buddies


We have a project called the Buddy Scheme. This involves a trained group of volunteer children from years 6 Buddies working with younger children in the school. The older Buddies have been trained to use good listening skills and to hold useful conversations with their younger Buddy.

The aim of the scheme is to build links between different year groups in the school and provide an opportunity for the older children to act as positive role models to children in younger years. We have been running the scheme for a number of years and it has proved very successful. Parents and teachers have noticed positive effects such as an increased willingness to come to school. Children have also become more settled in school routines and show an increase in self-esteem.

Buddies are timetabled each break time to look out for younger children that are not involved in games and then organise a game in which they can participate. Each Year 6 classroom has a Buddy Pack with a range of game cards for Buddies to choose from.

The pupils filled an application form in and the strongest were selected for training. Training included how to be welcoming, confidentiality, how to be a good listener and how to be able to ask questions the training was done over a number of sessions and will be recapped upon through the year.

A Buddy notice board is displayed in the dining room with a timetable and photos of the Buddies so that younger children can recognise them at busy playtimes.


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